Protect Your Business from Fraud.

Audit logs ≠ system logs. Control and monitor the access of information within your organization apps. No more guessing who did what.

Why Audit Trail is Important?

Audit trails provide a record of certain events, procedures or operations so they can be used to reduce fraud and material errors.

Detect Suspicious User Activity

Monitor user activity and LogZab will identify patterns that may indicate malicious or unauthorized activity. This way, you can take proactive measures to protect your business from potential threats.

AI Auditing & Analytics

Simply ask LogZab “who delete employee data yesterday?” or “what John access every monday?”. Quick and easy to identify issues and potential problems for non-technical user.

Exportable Audit Log

Audit log data is API accessible and exportable to various format so that it can be centralized into an organization wide SIEM logging system like Splunk. 

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We have been using LogZab and it’s helped us to not only improve our audit controls but also ensure that we are compliant with regulations.


We love LogZab. It’s the perfect solution for our needs. We recommend LogZab to any company who is looking to track their audit trails.


LogZab is easy to use and provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you manage your audit trails.

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